Should You Hire Local Movers?

Moving is never a perfectly easy process. Working with local movers, though, might take some of the sting out of it. Do you need to focus on using local moving services? The following five reasons often drive local preferences.


Local and state governments may regulate the moving industry in some parts of the country. For example, most governments regulate truck licensing for moving vehicles. When you hire local movers, you can trust that they'll comply with all local regulations.


You don't want the movers to struggle to find your place. If they do have trouble, it's a lot easier if you can get them on the phone, tell them the nearest street, and have them recognize it. GPS is nice, but it leads movers down the wrong routes in some cases.

Familiarity makes a big difference when you might be trying to find a nearby alley where you can park and unload the truck without disturbing the neighbors. Similarly, local movers will know the streets and slopes so they can find the safest and most secure spot for the truck.


Generally, local moving services have more flexibility. If you end up dealing with weather, for example, they can usually adjust their schedule to meet your needs. Even if you live somewhere that gets mostly gorgeous days even in the winter, the extra scheduling flexibility helps just in case a stray cloud appears.


Local movers depend on word-of-mouth marketing to sustain their reputations. Upsetting people who may be their neighbors and even friends isn't a good business model. A local moving services provider will focus on customer satisfaction.

You also can trust them to deal with little things. If your kid's stuffed animal ends up in the back of one of the trucks after the movers leave, they'll find and return it.

Local Knowledge

Even if you're just moving across town, local knowledge makes a difference. Local movers typically know the area's utility companies. If you need to know which cable companies in the area offer high-speed internet, for example, the movers will know who provides service on that side of the city.

They also usually can provide information about water, gas, and electricity services. If you need to contact local officials for things like permits, the movers can at least tell you which office to call. They can also tell you which nearby pizza place is best for your first night when you want to settle in, eat, and rest after the move.

Call local movers to learn more.