Security Features To Look Out For In A Self-Storage Facility

When you place valuable items in a self-storage unit, you expect them to be safe from burglary and theft. This is the reason you should choose a highly secure self-storage facility. Here are some security features to look out for when choosing a storage unit.

Sophisticated Surveillance

When touring a self-storage unit, watch out for the number of cameras mounted in the facility. The unit should also have warning signs posted, so everyone is aware of the area's security measures. These visual elements are effective at deterring burglars.

An effective surveillance system should have at least 30 days of memory at any given time. The cameras should also produce high-definition footage. Remember, police cannot prosecute a thief if they don't have a visible image of their face. Therefore, the cameras should be placed near entry and exit points without leaving any blind spots. 

To ensure the storage facility has high-quality surveillance equipment, ask to look at the security monitor. High-quality surveillance cameras have a clear focus that captures clear facial features and license plate numbers. If the cameras display a blurry outline, they cannot help with important identification.


Make sure you visit potential self-storage units after sunset. In the evening, you'll have the best chance to see the amount of light the facility has. Make sure there is plenty of light. Sufficient lighting discourages criminal activity. Furthermore, lighting is essential for security features such as security cameras.

Video surveillance is most effective if an area is adequately lit. Therefore, take note of the lighting used at common entry points. The lights should be mounted high enough to cast a bright light all over the area. For additional security, the facility should have motion sensor lights that detect movement around specific areas.

Gated Access

One of the weakest links in a storage facility is the gate. When thieves can gain access through the gate, there is a high chance they'll get into the facility and come out with what they want. You should choose a storage facility that has installed electronic-entry gates.

These gates have unique security cards and passcodes to keep an eye on those entering and leaving the facility. Therefore, only those with security clearance can pass through the gates. 

In Conclusion

Self-storage units are ideal for storing valuables and other things you cannot store at home or the office. When shopping for a storage facility, one of your top considerations should be security. Other factors to consider are the size of the facility, climate control, and cost. Make sure you research widely and perform all due diligence before choosing a self-storage facility.