5 Tips For Receiving Your Belongings When You Move Abroad

If you are getting ready for an international move, then you have many things that you need to prepare. While you might get caught up in packing your belongings and getting a visa for your destination, you should also give ample time to consider how you will get your belongings through customs and to your final destination.  Make Sure All of Your Belongings Are Cleaned Before Packing While your belongings may be inspected when you cross state lines in the United States, it is much more likely that they will undergo a stricter inspection for contaminants when they cross international borders. [Read More]

2 Convenient Storage Facility Features You Should Look For

When you start shopping for a storage space, it can be easy to zero in on the price and forget about other facility details. However, some things that might not seem important now might matter later when you need to unload your unit, make a payment, or request maintenance for your space. Here are two convenient storage facility features you should look for, and how they will make your life easier down the road: [Read More]

Save On Moving Insurance With Worldwide Coverage From Your Homeowners Policy

Most moving services either offer moving insurance or partner with a company that does. Before you sign up for such coverage, though, talk with your homeowners insurance company to see if you can save on moving insurance. If you can add worldwide coverage to your homeowners policy, you might not need to purchase additional moving insurance. Types of Moving Insurance Moving services often offer three types of insurance: declared value, assessed value and full value. [Read More]

6 Tips For Starting An Online Resale Business

An online resale business can be a fun and lucrative way to make extra money, or can even become a fulltime job. If you love combing through piles of clothes or old furniture at yard sales and thrift stores in search of that diamond in the rough, an online resale business might be perfect for you. The idea is to locate cheap used items, improve their appearance if necessary, and then resell them at a mark-up in order to turn a profit. [Read More]