4 Tips To Follow When Planning An International Move

A Gallup poll reports that as of 2018, 16 percent of Americans want to permanently move to another country. If you're part of this 16 percent or want to move to another country temporarily, it's important to properly prepare for your international move. Here are a few tips to follow when planning an international move. 

1. Get Quotes for Your International Move ASAP

Though any move requires time and planning, an international move requires even more preparation due to the distance of the move. As soon as you know that you're going to move, contact international moving companies to obtain quotes for their services. An international move can take a few months from beginning to completion. 

There are numerous reasons other than the distance of the move that it takes longer for an international mover to transport items to a different country. The moving company will have to secure the necessary documents for transporting your belongings into another country.

Once they have the required paperwork, they have to book or arrange transportation for your belongings. Then, the moving company has to load and transport your possessions. If you opt for a full-service moving company, they'll also need to pack your home up. 

Should you decide to have your belongings transported via sea to keep your expenses low, this will add more time to your move. When your possessions arrive at their destination, they might be delayed by customs.

2. Consider Details Other Than the Moving Company's Rates

If you're planning an international move on a budget, it's tempting to go with the moving company with the lowest rates. However, another element to keep in mind is how long the moving company will take to transport your possessions.

Should the moving company take an extended period, you might find yourself in a new country with minimal belongings. You might have to rent a furnished room or rent furniture and household items until your items arrive. Both of these options will increase your overall moving expenses and the length of time that you'll be without your belongings.

It might be better to pay a little more to get your items sooner. You'll avoid the expense of renting a short-term space or furnishings, and you'll be able to start unpacking your items as quickly as possible. Many people prefer to have their new home set up before they have to start a new job or adapt to living in a new country. 

3. Purchase Insurance for Your Move

To protect the value of your belongings, purchase insurance for your move. Even the most dependable international moving company can experience an accident or weather-related incident. You want the security of knowing that you'll receive fair compensation for your possessions.

When deciding how much insurance to buy, keep in mind that the replacement cost of your belongings might be different in another country. It can be significantly more expensive to replace furniture and household goods in certain countries; adjust your policy accordingly to ensure you have ample protection.

Some moving companies include the cost of moving insurance in their moving quote. If your moving company provides this option, make sure that the limits cover any items that you have with high values. You might need a supplemental policy to ensure valuable items are protected. 

4. See That the Moving Company Can Assist If You're Delayed

Unfortunately, travel delays are not uncommon for international trips. Severe weather might cause your flight to be canceled, and it might be a few days before you can secure a new flight. Or, if you're exposed to a contagious illness, your move may be delayed by a few weeks while you wait to see if you have the illness.

Look for a moving company that offers storage solutions for its customers. Your moving company can safely store your belongings in a secure facility if your move is delayed.