2 Convenient Storage Facility Features You Should Look For

When you start shopping for a storage space, it can be easy to zero in on the price and forget about other facility details. However, some things that might not seem important now might matter later when you need to unload your unit, make a payment, or request maintenance for your space. Here are two convenient storage facility features you should look for, and how they will make your life easier down the road:

1: Extra Aisle Space

Those storage units tucked away in the back corner might seem like a great deal, but they might be cheaper for a reason. Aisle space is a hot commodity in the storage industry, making loading and unloading your unit much easier. Here are a few reasons you should look for a storage unit with extra aisle space:

  • Turning Room: The larger the aisle, the easier it will be to turn your car or truck around. In addition to speeding up your moving day, extra room might also keep you from unintentionally ramming into the side of the building and damaging your car.
  • Trailer Storage: If you plan to store a trailer of any kind in that unit, the aisle needs to be wide enough for you to back into the space. To make sure the space is large enough, ask the facility if they will let you park the trailer in the space before you rent the unit.  
  • Forklift Movement: Using that rental forklift might seem like an easy, efficient way to load and unload your storage unit, but if the aisle isn't large enough, your efforts might be in vain. For a standard sit-down counterbalanced forklift, the aisles should be at least 12 feet wide to handle the size of the vehicle and the load.

If you have a moving team that will be using the facility, call the company to ask how large the truck is. Verify with storage managers that the moving truck will fit, so that you don't have to wait for your moving team to haul pallets of your belongings across the facility.

2: On-Site Kiosks

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a storage manager available 24 hours a day who could answer your questions? Although some facilities hire managers to live on site, you might rack up an after hours fee or two if you have a problem or concern after the office closes for the day. However, to solve this common issue, some facilities offer on-site storage computer kiosks. These kiosks are building popularity in the United States, with kiosk sales jumping as much as 53% between 2013 and 2014. Here are a few benefits these handy kiosks offer:   

  • Rent Units After Hours: After driving across the country in an uncomfortable moving truck, it can be frustrating to arrive at the storage facility, only to discover an illuminated closed sign. However, you can use self storage kiosks to complete new move-in paperwork, so that you can unload your stuff and be on your way. 
  • Request Service Calls: If your storage unit door breaks after the maintenance staff has gone home for the day, you might need a way to report the problem. Fortunately, some self storage kiosks can be used to report maintenance issues like broken doors, water leaks, and pest infestations.
  • Make Payments: Nothing is worse than heading down to the storage facility, arriving a little past close, and receiving a late fee on your monthly storage rent. However, because self storage kiosks can also be used to make payments, you might be able to head in after work. 

Finding an easily accessible storage space with an on-site kiosk might not seem like a big deal, but it might make your entire storage experience much more pleasant. Keep this in mind as you start looking for self storage units at local facilities.