Four Uses For Self-Storage Units Beyond Transitional Storage While Moving

Many people think of self-storage units solely as a transition facility for moving. In that case, you rent the storage unit before you move and put your belongings into it while you're in transition. Despite their popularity for movers, storage units have many other uses as well. Here are several other reasons you may want to consider renting a storage unit.

De-Cluttering Your Home for Staging

If you are selling your home, one of the first things your real estate agent will recommend is removing the clutter. Homes that are clean, neat and organized are more likely to sell quickly. In fact, most real estate agents will recommend staging your home as much as possible before any open houses or showings because staged homes have been proven to sell faster.

In order to effectively stage your home and eliminate all of the personal clutter, you'll want somewhere to put your belongings. Self-storage facilities typically offer storage units of various sizes, which makes it easier for you to keep all of your belongings safe while you're in the midst of a home sale. It also frees up space in the house for a staging company or designer to come in and help you improve your chances of closing a sale quickly.

Keeping Collectibles Safe

Whether your interest is in stamps, model cars or building blocks, a climate-controlled storage unit gives you somewhere to keep your collectibles safe. Rent a unit that's larger than you think you need so that you can place shelving along the sides to keep everything off the floor. This protects you from the risk of flooding, moisture damage or other hazards. Since many of these collectibles will gain value over time, that storage unit could prove to be a valuable investment that you can pass on to your children.

Document Storage

When you want to keep important records, including birth certificates, tax papers, house and property deeds and other vital information, a climate-controlled storage unit can be a great resource. Not only will the paperwork be secure, but you have the ability to control who has access to them.

By keeping these records somewhere offsite, you don't have to be concerned about burglars or other intruders finding your personal information. Include your investment paperwork, banking information and any home business information as well. Documents that have your personal information, including birth details, family history and Social Security numbers are all documents that can put you at risk of identity theft if not secured.

Seasonal Items

If you have seasonal hobbies or a lot of home decorations for the holidays, storing them in a self-storage unit keeps the clutter out of your house. Winter sports like skiing and snowmobiling can be fun, but the gear can take up a lot of space in the basement. By putting it all in the storage unit, you can keep it safe and in good condition without cluttering up your limited household storage space.

Pack your holiday decorations in tote containers to keep them secure, then store those containers in a self-storage unit. Since holiday decorations are only used for brief seasons, it's easier to keep them organized and out of the way during the off-season by using an off-site storage unit.

All things considered, storage units are versatile tools that can help you keep clutter at bay, protect your long-term investments and even manage your seasonal hobbies and decorations. With the information presented here, maybe you can find a new home for the items you've been storing in that spare room or basement corner by viewing storage units as more functional than just for transition sites during your move.

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